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“Indian is Back!” – The iconic motorcycle brand Indian is back, and this time they brought some Thunder. Thunder Multimedia’s “Mind Party with Johnny Lewis” has been sweeping the web; we talk to Johnny Lewis about the making of that video. Greg tests the Yamaha FZ8, give us information about protective riding gear and spark plugs, shows us videos from the web in World Wide Video, news, and more!

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Greg White

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Episode 6 – Part 1 (The News)

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Episode 6 – Part 2

Yamaha FZ8


Episode 6 – Part 3 (World Wide Video)

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Episode 6 – Part 4

Indian Motorcycles frontman Robert Pandya

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Episode 6 – Part 5

What to look for: Protective clothing


Episode 6 – Part 6

What to know: Spark Plugs


Episode 6 – Part 7

AMA Pro Flat Track racer & Mind Party star Johnny Lewis

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