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“Best of Season One #3” – As we wrap up the first season of Greg’s Garage, we take a look at some of the ‘best of’ stuff. With over 130 show segments in 2013, it was not easy to decide, but we start you out with a look at a fun event called Raleigh Eurobike.. We have an interview with 2006 MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden about his new future in MotoGP. We are off to California to ride the Honda CTX700N. We stay in California to chat with industry legends Troy Lee of Troy Lee Designs. We wrap things up with Motorcycle Slang addressing acronyms like ”OEM,” phrases like “stock,” and more!


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Episode 23 – Part 1

Raleigh Eurobike


Episode 23 – Part 2

Moto GP star Nicky Hayden

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Episode 23 – Part 3

Honda CTX700N


Episode 23 – Part 4

Troy Lee Designs


Episode 23 – Part 5

Motorcycle Slang: OEM, Stock, Aftermarket