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“Fun with HD, EBR, GROM, & GW!” – In this latest show, we take you back to the famed Harley-Davidson Museum for a look at some areas most people don’t get to see. American motorcycle maker Erik Buell Racing recently unveiled a new motorcycle at the Orlando, FL based AIMExpo. We have that motorcycle, and we find out about EBR taking a U.S. racer to compete on tracks around the world! We ride the small, but very fun, Honda Grom. We have a first look and brief ride on Suzuki’s new entry level machine, the GW250! We have more details on why people change the exhaust on their powersports machines and start the gift giving season with a great book from the folks at Cycle World.

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Motorcycle Slang: Exhaust talk, Why we do it. OEM = Original Equipment Manufacterer

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